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ICHMET’s Lifetime Achievement Award to Department Director Jozef M. Pacyna

Jozef Pacyna
Foto: Ingar Næss

Prof Jozef Pacyna from NILU has been awarded with the Lifetime Achievement Award (LAA) of  ICHMET – the International Conference on Heavy Metals in the Environment. It is the first time this award is given, and both Prof Jozef Pacyna and Prof Jerome Nriagu from the University of Michigan have been selected to receive the prize.

It is a great honour for me to be one of the first receive this award’, says Pacyna, Director of the Centre for Ecology and Economy at NILU. Prof Pacyna has been selected for his commitment to the study of the emission, transport and fate of heavy metals in the global environment. Together with Prof Nriagu he published a paper in Nature in 1988 on the quantitative assessment of 16 heavy metals.  The paper is considered a milestone in the field of heavy metals, being cited more than 2,000 times since then. After his PhD on heavy metals emissions from coal, Pacyna has been working continuously for the understanding of the mechanisms and processes that affect heavy metals in the global environment, their impact on human health and their consequences on the economy

The award will be presented every second year to scientists who have performed outstanding work on heavy metals. The LAA Award Ceremony took place on September 26 during the ICHMET 2012 Conference in Rome, Italy.

Jozef Pacyna mottar prisen Lifetime Achievement Award
Jozef Pacyna receives the price “Lifetime Achievement Award – LAA” from Prof. Nicola Pirrone, Director at the Institute for Air Research at CNR (the Italian Research Council) Photo: Dr. Damian Panasiuk, NILU Polska