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Exchange of young professionals for Clean Air partnership

NILU cooperates with Fredskorpset (FK) to strengthen air quality management in Bangladesh through exchange of young professionals.

Two exchange participants to NILU in first round (one from CAA, and one from BUET); and one exchange participant from BUET to CAA.

NILU has extensive expertise with air quality, atmospheric chemistry, monitoring and modeling – in which much of this experience is currently being undertaken in various projects in Bangladesh. Clean Air Asia leads efforts to enable Asian cities like the Bangladesh capital city Dhaka to reduce air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions from transport, energy and other sectors. BUET shares a common interest with NILU and Clean Air Asia in air quality research and management.

This initiative is expected to strengthen the collaboration between the three institutes and  NILU’s contribution to  air quality management efforts in Bangladesh. Among the identified activities under the first round of the exchange include: emissions inventory preparation, dispersion modeling of various sources, creating a clean air management profile, and scenario building for policy recommendations.

The two exchange participants at NILU: Nathaniel Angelo G. Dela Cruz (Philippines) and Sk. Salahuddin Ahammad (Bangladesh)