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Dr. Elisabeth Pacyna is “Outstanding Pole in Norway 2017”

Oslo Concert Hall, May 13. 2017: Dr. Elisabeth Pacyna from NILU’s Department for Environmental Impacts and Solutions has been honoured with the award of “Outstanding Pole in Norway 2017” for her work in science.

The “Outstanding Pole” award is presented in five categories: Science, Business, Culture, Young Pole and Personality, and Dr. Elisabeth Pacyna received the science award for her research in the field of energy, resources, and environmental interactions. In her work, she is focusing on the development of new measures for reducing greenhouse gas and mercury emissions and their impacts on human health.

Dr. Pacyna was one of the lead authors providing UNEP with scientific justification for the UN Minamata convention on reduction of emissions and exposure to mercury, signed in 2013. Besides this, she has undertaken 21 projects for the European Union, 6 projects for the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) and the Nordic Council of Ministers, and several projects within the EEA grants.

She is the author or co-author of more than 100 works, published in peer-reviewed scientific journals, books, and presentations at international conferences and in technical reports. Elisabeth Pacyna’s works have been cited by other scientists more than 2000 times. A few months ago she co-edited a Springer book on Environmental Determinants of Human Health.