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NILU hosts international workshop on risk governance of nanotechnology

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Engineered nanomaterials (ENM) provide great opportunities for industry, but can have unpredictable consequences for health and the environment. This week, a project workshop in Oslo hosted by NILU will discuss risk governance related to ENM.

NILU – Norwegian Institute for Air research is both the coordinator of the RiskGONE project and organizer of the upcoming project workshop in Oslo. Maria Dusinska, Senior Scientist and Head of the Health Effects Laboratory at NILU is very eager to tell us about it.

“Engineered nanomaterials (ENMs) provide the opportunity for breakthroughs in many areas of industry. Their use can improve quality of products, human welfare and environmental quality.”

“However”, she adds, “ENMs’ may also have negative impacts on human health and the environment and this generates increasing concern on the part of the public, academia, and governments worldwide. That is why the RiskGONE project and the upcoming project workshop are very important.”

“The workshop will bring together renowned national and international experts in different aspects of the risk governance of nanotechnology. It will promote establishment of contacts, discussions and collaborations between researchers, societal stakeholders and public administrations”, she says.

“During the workshop, there will be lectures and discussions, and the opportunity to exchange information on the latest developments and future trends in the area.”

“We hope this workshop will provide a platform for creating and strengthening collaboration and links between national and international experts”, she adds.