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Harald Dovland appointed Knight of the Order of St. Olav

Harald Dovland
Foto: Christine F. Solbakken, NILU

His Majesty the King has appointed former climate negotiator Harald Dovland Knight 1st Class of the Royal Norwegian Order of St. Olav.

Harald Dovland receives the award for his efforts for the climate and the environment.

Photo Caption: Harald Dovland was director of NILU from 1988-1995, and led the Norwegian delegation during the negotiations on the UNFCC until September 2007. Photo: KLD

The application was submitted by NILU – Norwegian Institute for Air Research, and the Ministry of Climate and Environment.

Harald Dovland was employed at NILU in 1972 and was director at the institute from 1988-1995. He played an active and important role in the international effort to reduce long-distance transboundary air pollution.

This international research collaboration was essential for the implementation of the Convention on Long-Range Transboundary Air Pollution (LRTAP). The convention was the first legally binding international instrument in the field of air pollution and led to acidification and acid rain no longer being a major problem in Norway and Europe.

The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) was adopted in 1992 and entered into force in 1994. In the years after, work was done on a protocol to operationalize the UNFCC, where Dovland represented the government as the Norwegian negotiator from 1995-2007.

He also led the work of the UNFCC’s Subcommittee on Technical and Scientific Advice for five sessions between 1999-2001. By virtue of this, he also sat on the board of the UNFCC on behalf of Western countries. Later, Dovland led negotiations on further commitments under the Kyoto Protocol, as well as the start of the UN negotiations that resulted in the Paris Agreement in 2015. After the end of his leadership tenure, he continued as an adviser to key negotiators.

From the outset, the Norwegian climate delegation has been regarded as competent, attentive and constructive. Norway is also perceived as a bridge-builder between industrialized and developing countries in the climate negotiations, and as chief negotiator, Harald Dovland contributed greatly to this.

The award was presented by chancellor Metter Tverli from the Royal Court at an event in the Marble Hall at the Ministry of Climate and Environment in Oslo, Thursday 23 September at 12 PM.

NILU and the Ministry of Climate and Environment extend our warmest congratulations to Harald Dovland on his appointment.

Harald Dovland (right) meets the then Crown Prince Harald and Grand Duke Jean of Luxembourg in 1990. Photo: NILU