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NILU’s got a new outfit

Ny logo på bakgrunn av isfjell

Today we launch our new visual identity!

In recent years, NILU has evolved from being a research institute with a focus on air and atmosphere to embracing far more disciplines within the climate and environment fields. This is important for us to make visible, primarily in the name of the institute. Thus, we are no longer been called “NILU – Norwegian Institute for Air Research”. Now, we are just called NILU.

To mark this transition, we are launching a new logo and visual profile. This is developed in collaboration with the advertising agency Hyper. The profile is modern, with an emphasis on simple lines and vibrant colours, and is inspired by the nature and our daily work at NILU.

About NILU:

NILU is a climate and environmental research institute. We work to find answers to the most important societal challenges of our time. NILU is one of the world’s most recognized research institutes in its fields of expertise and is an important knowledge provider to European climate and environmental policies.

NILU is an independent non-profit foundation founded in 1969. The head office is at Kjeller near Oslo. In addition, the institute has offices in Tromsø, Trondheim and Gothenburg.