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Tuan-Vu Cao

Tuan-Vu Cao


TUAN-VU CAO received the PhD degree in electronics engineering from the University of Oslo in 2011 with the topic of micro-power sensor interface in nanometer CMOS technology.  During his PhD, he stayed at ISN Lab at UC San Diego in a year to implement a frequency adaptive BFSK MICS band (402-405 MHz) transmitter Chip for biomedical application. He has a long experience in both Academia and Industry.

From 2011 to 2012, he worked as a Postdoctoral Fellow at NTNU (Norwegian University of Science and Technology) to design a Delta-Sigma Analog to Digital converter at 65nm CMOS technology.

From 2012-2018, he worked in Industry as Senior Engineer at WINS Instrumentation AS and Prediktor AS for various projects, such as monitoring nutrient food content, and wireless DST real time instrumentation. Since 2018, he has come back Academia by joining NILU where he is currently a Senior Scientist.

Tuan-Vu Cao has been running several national and EU projects at NILU:

- Horizon Europe project MISO - Autonomous Multi-Format In-Situ Observation Platform for Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide and Methane Monitoring in Permafrost & Wetlands; (2023-2026) (The PI and project coordinator)

- EEA Grant project—HAPADS - a novel air mobile monitoring system enables end-users to make information-driven decisions to mitigate air pollution exposure; (2020-2023) (Co-PI and WP leader)

- EEA Grant project SmartFood project “Engaging citizens in food diversity in cities”; (2021-2024) (Co-PI and WP leader)

- NFR IKTPLUSS project: AirQMan: Low Latency Air Quality Management (2021-2025) (WP leader)

- NFR 273394- ‘‘Leopard-Wearable particle detector enabling safer working environments’’ (2018–2020) (Key Designer and Technical Coordinator)

His research interests include enabling technologies (advanced sensors, edge intelligence, IoT, etc...) and other autonomous systems for environmental monitoring and management.