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Cross-cutting topics on urban sustainable development and SDGs (Urban SDGs)

Project details

Status: Ongoing

Project period: 2020–2023

Principal: NILU (120012), Norwegian Institute of Water Research

Coordinating institution: NILU

Collaborators: Norwegian Institute for Water Research (NIVA)

This SIS-project is designed in a close collaboration between NILU and NIVA with an overall objective to develop a methodological framework which can help with structure thinking and provide a systematic approach to the analysis of urban environmental sustainability.

The methodological framework will be developed based on the EEA’s urban sustainability conceptual framework and linking to UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), e.g., including the city context, key enabling factors, urban lenses and building blocks for urban sustainable development.

The following key specific thematic topics and research questions will be addressed in the project:

Nature-based solutions

  • How to support cities towards more effective mitigation and adaptation to climate change?

Assessment of environmental contaminants in the urban environment

  • How does the composition of environmental contaminants in the urban environments change, e.g., as a result of urbanization, climate change and sustainable measures?

Behavioral change and citizen engagement

  • How to improve human behavior to minimize emissions and pollution exposure?

Well-being and health

  • How to improve health and well-being by innovative solutions in urban sustainable transitions?

The SIS-project has been broken down into the following three working groups (WG).

  • WG1 – Environmental contaminants
  • WG2 – Operationalization of UN SDGs & measurement of urban sustainability
  • WG3 – Assessment of municipal needs

The project results are expected to

  • facilitate different forms of analysis and assessment of urban environmental sustainability that will help decision-makers to identify policy options and priorities; and
  • underpin and support a transition to urban environmental sustainability.

Updated: 01.11.2022

Cross-cutting topics on urban sustainable development and SDGs has 8 publications at NILU:

Nature-based and solar energy building solutions in the water-energy-food nexus across diverse climatic zones in Europe

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Integrating Solar Energy and Nature-Based Solutions for Climate-Neutral Urban Environments

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SDGs at the halfway point: How the 17 global goals address risks and wicked problems

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Development of a Novel Framework for the Assessment and Improvement of Climate Adaptation and Mitigation Actions in Europe

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