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Data assimilation in regional scale atmospheric chemical models. NMR Workshop av NILU, Kjeller Norway, 15 November 2005.

Denby, B. (eds.)

Publication details

Series: NILU OR 43/2006

Publisher: NILU

Year: 2006

ISBN: 82- 425-1766-5

File: OR 43/2006 (pdf)

Summary: This workshop is part of a Nordic Council of Ministers (NMR) funded project which supports the development and communication of scientific research between Nordic countries on the topic of 'data assimilation in regional scale atmospheric chemistry models'. The four institutes involved, NILU (Norway), met.no (Norway), DMU (Denmark) and SMHI (Sweden), all have active programmes in data assimilation. The intention of this project and workshop is to bring together these institutes to share knowledge and experience within a Nordic context and to further support development in this research area. In total 21 people attended the workshop, including invited experts in data assimilation from Europe. The workshop showed itself to be successful, being both informative and helpful to the participants. This report consolidates the presentations and discussions that took place during the workshop.