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Erratum to “Airborne investigation of the aerosols-cloud interactions in the vicinity and within a marine stratocumulus over the North Sea during EUCAARI (2008)” [Atmos. Environ. 81C (2013) 288-303]

Crumeyrolle, Suzanne; Weigel, R.; Sellegri, K.; Roberts, G.; Gomes, L.; Stohl, Andreas; Laj, P.; Momboisse, G.; Bourianne, T.; Puygrenier, V; Burnet, F; Chosson, F; Brenguier, JL; Etcheberry, JM; Villani, P.; Pichon, J.M.; Schwarzenboeck, A.

Publication details

Journal: Atmospheric Environment, vol. 183, 234–235, 2018

Doi: doi.org/10.1016/j.atmosenv.2018.01.022