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The value of complementary techniques in suspect and non-target screening – results of the Norman Collaborative Trial of the indoor dust

Rostkowski, Pawel; Haglund, P.; Oswald, P.; Alygizakis, N.; Thomaidis, N.; Aalizadeh, R.; Covaci, A; Moschet, C.; Kaserzon, S.; Yang, C.; Shang, D.; Hindle, R.; Booij, P.; Ionas, A.; Grosse, S.; Arandes, J. B.; Dévier, M. H.; Lestremau, F.; Leonards, P.; Plassmann, M.; Magner, J.; Matsukami, H.; Jobst, K.; Ipolyi, I.; Slobodnik, J.; Reid, Malcolm James

Publication details

Event: Dioxin 2018 (Krakow)

Date: August 26th 2018 – August 31st 2018