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Large upper tropospheric ozone enhancements above midlatitude North America during summer: In situ evidence from the IONS and MOZAIC ozone measurement network.

Cooper, O.R.; Stohl, A.; Trainer, M.; Thompson, A.M.; Witte, J.C.; Oltmans, S.J.; Morris, G.; Pickering, K.E.; Crawford, J.H.; Chen, G.; Cohen, R.C.; Bertram, T.H.; Wooldridge, P.; Perring, A.; Brune, W.H.; Merrill, J.; Moody, J.L.; Tarasick, D.; Nédélec, P.; Forbes, G.; Newchurch, M.J.; Schmidlin, F.J.; Johnson, B.J.; Turquety, S.; Baughcum, S.L.; Ren, X.; Fehsenfeld, F.C.; Meagher, J.F.; Spichtinger, N.; Brown, C.C.; McKeen, S.A.; McDermid, I.S.,, Leblanc, T.

Publication details

Journal: J. Geophys. Res., 111, D24S05, 2006

DOI: 10.1029/2006JD007306