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The magnitude, trend and drivers of the global nitrous oxide budget: a new assessment

Tian, Hanqin; Thompson, Rona Louise; Xu, Rongting; Canadell, Josep G.; Davidson, Eric A.; Ciais, Philippe; Jackson, Robert B.; Winiwarter, Wilfried; Suntharalingam, Parvadha; Regnier, Pierre; Zhou, Feng; Janssens-Maenhout, Greet; Arneth, Almut; Li, Wei; Pan, Naiqing; Pan, Shufen; Prather, Michael J.; Raymond, Peter A.; Shi, Hao; GCP/INI Synthesis Team, *

Publication details

Event: American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting (San Francisco)

Date: December 9th 2019 – December 13th 2019

Sammendrag: agu.confex.com/agu/fm19/meetingapp.cgi/Paper/633179