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The NextGEOSS Cold Region pilot: Improved discoverability and access to polar data

Hamre, Torill; Bye, Bente Lilja; Fiebig, Markus

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Journal: Bollettino di Geofisica Teorica ed Applicata, vol. 62, 204–205, 2021

Prosjekt: http://nextgeoss.eu/

GEO Cold Regions coordinates global efforts to provide Earth Observation (EO) products and services to science, decision- and policy-makers with a vested interest in the cryosphere (in particular) and the environment (in general) of polar regions and mountain areas around the world. The NextGEOSS Cold Regions Pilot focuses on three areas: (1) the Arctic/Svalbard region, (2) Antarctica, and (3) the Himalayan glaciers, linking together satellite and in situ data from the targeted regions, including the atmospheric, marine, and terrestrial domains, and making them available in the NextGEOSS Data Hub and the NextGEOSS Cold Regions Community Portal. The pilot liaise with ongoing initiatives such as SIOS, GEOCRI, WMO GCW, as well as national programs in Antarctica. The products resulting from the Cold Regions pilot can be used to develop Information Services for the Cold Regions Initiative, using the NextGEOSS system and making use of existing interoperability standards. This presentation will introduce the first version of the Cold Regions Community Portal, aiming to make polar data relevant for Cold Regions more easily discoverable and accessible for users.