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Maximizing output from non-target screening

Andreasen, Birgitta; van Bavel, Bert; Fishcher, Stellan; Haglund, Peter; Rostkowski, Pawel; Reid, Malcolm James; Samanipour, Saer; Schlabach, Martin; Veenaas, Cathrin; Dam, Maria

Publication details

Series: TemaNord 2021:526

Publisher: Nordic Council of Ministers

Year: 2021

ISBN: 978-92-893-7055-4

Fulltekst: http://dx.doi.org/10.6027/temanord2021-526

The purpose of this project is to dig deeper into the data material already generated in the Suspect screening in Nordic countries: Point sources in city areas (TemaNord: 2017:561) to further optimize the benefits of the major work that has already been done. Samples (effluent, sediment, and biota) from all of the Nordic countries were carefully selected, sampled and analysed by a consortium of some of the Nordic region’s most experienced scientific groups in analyses of emerging environmental contaminants. But where perhaps the full potential of the generated data is still to be realized. This project will try to further identify and describe the substances already detected, to be able to better understand what substances we in modern Nordic societies release into the sea via our wastewater.