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Fluorinated polymers in a low carbon, circular and toxic-free economy. Technical report.

Wahlström, M.; Pohjalainen, E. (eds.) Yli-Rantala, E.; Behringer, D.; Herzke, Dorte; Mudge, Stephen Michael; Beekman, M.; de Blaeij, A.; Devilee, J.; Gabbert, S.; van Kuppevelt, M.; Zare Jeddi, M.; Gabrielsen, P.; Trier, X.

Publication details

Series: Eionet Report - ETC/WMGE 2021/9

Publisher: ETC/WMGE

Year: 2021

Fulltekst: www.eionet.europa.eu/etcs/etc-wmge/products/fluorinated-polymers-in-a-low-carbon-circular-and-toxic-free-economy

Fluorinated polymers are used in a variety of applications providing benefits to the society, but at the same time also causing risks of irreversible pollution and impacts on the environment and human health in different stages of the lifecycle. The main aim of the study was to provide information on impacts of fluorinated polymers along their lifecycles in a low carbon, circular and toxic-free economy, which could be relevant to consider in future assessments. An important part of the work was also to discuss options for risk governance and to identify knowledge gaps. The work was based on a literature survey of recently published reports and selected peer-reviewed articles on the topic.

The report presents the results of the work carried out by the ETC/WMGE and ETC/CME.