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Quality assurance and quality control procedure for national and Union GHG projections 2021

Schmid, Carmen; Wartecker, Georg; Dauwe, Tom; van Maris, Kelsey; Brook, Rosie; Bouman, Evert Alwin; Joswicka-Olsen, Magdalena; Esparrago, Javier

Publication details

Series: Eionet Report - ETC/CME 7/2021

Publisher: ETC/CME

Year: 2021

Fulltekst: www.eionet.europa.eu/etcs/etc-cme/products/etc-cme-report-7-2021

The quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC) procedure is an element of the QA/QC programme of the Union system for policies and measures and projections to be established in 2021 according to Article 39 of the Regulation on the Governance of the Energy Union and Climate Action (EU) 2018/1999. The European Environment Agency (EEA) is responsible for the annual implementation of the QA/QC procedures and is assisted by the European Topic Centre on Climate Change Mitigation and Energy (ETC/CME). The QA/QC procedure document describes QA/QC checks carried out at EU level on the national reported projections from Member States and on the compiled Union GHG projections. QA/QC procedures are performed at several different stages during the preparation of the national and Union GHG projections in order to aim to ensure the timeliness, transparency, accuracy, consistency, comparability and completeness of the reported information. The results of the 2021 QA/QC procedure are presented in the related paper ETC/CME Eionet Report 8/2021.