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Screening of selected metals and new organic contaminants 2007. Phosphorus flame retardents, polyfluorinated organic compounds, nitro-PAHs, silver, platinum and sucralose in air, wastewater treatment falcilities, and freshwater and marine recipients.

Green, N.; Schlabach, M.; Bakke, T.; Brevik, E.M.; Dye, C.; Herzke, D.; Huber, S.; Plosz, B.; Remberger, M.; Schøyen, M.; Uggerud, H.T.; Vogelsang, C.

Publication details

Series: NIVA report, 5569-2008

Publisher: NIVA

Year: 2008

ISBN: 978-82-577-5304-7

Link: http://www.miljodirektoratet.no/old/klif/publikasjoner/2367/ta2367.pdf