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Benzo(a)pyrene (BaP) annual mapping. Evaluation of its potential regular updating.

Horálek, Jan; Schreiberova, Marketa; Schneider, Philipp

Publication details

Series: Eionet Report - ETC/ATNI 2021/18

Publisher: ETC/ATNI

Year: 2021

ISBN: 978-82-93752-44-8

Fulltekst: zenodo.org/doi/10.5281/zenodo.5898375

The report examines the potential regular production of benzo(a)pyrene (BaP) maps at the European scale in line with the operational production of other air quality maps. Stations measuring BaP are relatively scarce at the European scale, so in order to extend the spatial coverage, so-called pseudo station data have been calculated and used together with the actual BaP measurement data. These pseudo station data are derived from PM2.5 or PM10 measurements in locations with no BaP observations.