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Benchmark on methodologies to integrate low-cost sensor networks with official measurements to improve (modelled) air quality maps

Wesseling, Joost; Gressent, Alicia; Namdeo, Anil; Camara, Assa; Roet, David; Lenartz, Fabian; Sousa, Jorge; Joassin, Pascal; Schneider, Philipp; Thunis, Philippe; van Ratingen, Sjoerd; Hellebust, Stig; Janssen, Stijn; Vrankx, Stijn; Rodrigues, Vera; Hendricx, Wouter

Publication details

Event: Conference on Harmonisation within Atmospheric Dispersion Modelling for Regulatory Purposes (Aveiro)

Date: September 27th 2022 – September 30th 2022