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Particulate Matter Research and Management in Serbia

Jovašević-Stojanović, Milena V.; De Vito, Saverio; Davidović, Miloš D.; Ristovski, Zoran; Bartonova, Alena

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Journal: Thermal Science, vol. 27, XI–XV, 2023

Clean air is a basic requirement for human health and well-being. According to [1], air pollution is the largest environmental health risk in Europe, with PM being responsible for majority of the adverse effects. The most commonly used metrics for PM is mass for different PM sizes by aerodynamic diameter: inhalable PM includes PM10 for particles equal or smaller than 10 μm, PM2.5 for those equal or smaller than 2.5 μm, and ultrafine particles for those smaller than 100 nm. The smaller the particles are, the deeper they penetrate deep into the lungs and even enter the cardiovascular system, increasing the risks to human health [2]. New ways of characterizing PM, and new understanding of mechanisms of adverse health effects, are emerging.