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Interim air quality maps of EEA member and cooperating countries for 2022. PM10, O3, and NO2 spatial estimates and evaluation of PM2.5 interim mapping.

Horálek, Jan; Vlasakova, Leona; Schreiberova, Marketa; Schneider, Philipp; Benesova, Nina

Publication details

Series: Eionet Report - ETC/HE 2023/4

Publisher: ETC/HE

Year: 2023

ISBN: 978-82-93970-22-4

This report presents European interim air quality maps for 2022, which are based on the non-validated up-to-date (UTD) measurement data and the CAMS Ensemble Forecast modelling results, together with other supplementary data. It contains maps of PM10 annual average, ozone indicator SOMO35 and NO2 annual average. Next to this, the report evaluates the PM2.5 annual mean interim mapping.