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Health Risk Assessment of Air Pollution: assessing the environmental burden of disease in Europe in 2021

Soares, Joana; Plass, Dietrich; Kienzler, Sarah; Ortiz, Alberto González; Gsella, Artur; Horálek, Jan

Publication details

Series: Eionet Report - ETC/HE 2023/7

Publisher: ETC/HE

Year: 2023

ISBN: 978-82-93970-06-4

This report presents the results of the environmental burden of disease (or health risk) assessment related to air pollution in 2021. The estimates include all-cause mortality and cause-specific mortality and morbidity health outcomes, with ten risk-outcome pairs considered for the cause-specific estimates. Cause-specific mortality and morbidity estimates are combined to allow assessing the overall impact on population health based on a common indicator, the disability-adjusted life year. Using estimates disaggregated by mortality and morbidity components allows for the identification of the related shares across European countries.