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Impact of Aerosol Optical Properties, Precipitable Water, and Solar Geometry on Sky Radiances Using Radiative Transfer Modeling

Giannaklis, Christos-Panagiotis; Logothetis, Stavros-Andreas; Salamalikis, Vasileios; Tzoumanikas, Panagiotis; Kazantzidis, Andreas

Publication details

Journal: Environmental Sciences Proceedings, vol. 26, 106, 2023

Doi: doi.org/10.3390/environsciproc2023026106

Radiative transfer modeling is used to investigate the effect of aerosol optical properties and water vapor on cloud-free sky radiances at various atmospheric conditions. Simulations are generated by changing the most critical aerosol optical properties, namely aerosol optical depth, Ångström exponent, the single-scattering albedo, the precipitable water, and the solar zenith angle (SZA) in three different spectral ranges: ultraviolet A, visible, and near-infrared.