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Organic pollutants in compost and digestate: occurrence, fate and impacts.

Kupper, T.; Brändli, R.C.; Bucheli, T.D.; Stämpfli, C.; Zennegg, M.; Berger, U.; Edder, P.; Pohl, M.; Niang, F.; Iozza, S.; Müller, J.; Schaffner, C.; Schmid, P.; Huber, S.; Ortelli, D.; Becker-van Slooten, K.; Mayer, J.; Bachmann, H.-J.; Stadelmann, F.X.; Tarradellas, J.

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CODIS 2008, International congress - Compost and digestate: sustainability, benefits, impacts for the environment and for plant production. Solothurn, Switzerland, 27th - 29th February 2008.

Link: F 51/2008