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Expanding collaboration in Joint OSSEs.

Masutani, M.; Errico, R.; Schlatter, T.W.; Woollen, J.S.; Xie, Y.; Zhu, T.; Prive, N.; Yang, R.; Riishojgaard, L.P.; Stoffelen, A.; Marseille, G.-J.; Andersson, E.; Weng, F.; Kleespies, T.J.; Reale, O.; Emmitt, G.D.; Greco, S.; Wood, S.A.; Hill, C.; Anantharaj, V.; Fitzpatrick, P.; Fan, X.; Pryor, H.; Salmon, E.; Liu, H.-C.; Sienkiewicz, M.,Silva, A. da, Sun, H.; Song, Y.; Govett, M.; Pu, Z.; Cucurull, L.; Lord, S.J.; Devenyi, D.; Birkenheuer, D.L.; Jung, T.; Thompkins, A.; Groff, D.; Kleist, D.; Treadon, R.; Fielding, K.; Lahoz, W.; Brin, E.; Toth, Z.; Sato, Y.; Hu, M.; Weygandt, S.; McGill, M.J.; Miyosh, T.; Enomoto, T.; Watanabe, M.; Koyama, H.; Rochen, Y.; Seablom, M.; Hauss, B.I.; Burn, R.; Higgins, G.; Atlas, R.; Koch, S.; Wang, H.; Chen, Y.; Huang, X.-Y.

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Book: 13th Conference on Integrated Observing and Assimilation Systems for the Atmosphere, Oceans, and Land Surface, Phoenix, AZ 11-15 January 2009. AMS preprint volume., 2009