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An analytical inversion method for determining regional and global emissions of greenhouse gases: Sensitivity studies and application to halocarbons.

Stohl, A.; Seibert, P.; Arduini, J.; Eckhardt, S.; Fraser, P.; Greally, B.R.; Lunder, C.; Maione, M.; Muhle, J.; O'Doherty, S.; Prinn, R.G.; Reimann, S.; Saito, T.; Schmidbauer, N.; Simmonds, P.G.; Vollmer, M.K.; Weiss, R.F.; Yokouchi, Y.

Publication details

Journal: Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 9, 1597–1620, 2009

DOI: 10.5194/acp-9-1597-2009

Link: acp-9-1597-2009