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Atmospheric Degradation of Amines (ADA). Summary report: Gas phase photo-oxidation of 2-aminoethanol (MEA) CLIMIT project no. 193438.

Nielsen, C.J.; D'Anna, B.; Dye, C.; George, C.; Graus, M.; Hansel, A.; Karl, M.; King, S.; Musabile, M.; Muller, M.; Schmidbauer, N.; Stenstrøm, Y.; Wisthaler, A.

Publication details

Series: NILU OR 08/2010

Year: 2010

ISBN: 978-82-425-2173-6

File: OR 08/2010 (pdf, 1.94 MB)

Summary: The gas phase photo-oxidation of 2-aminoethanol (MEA, NH2CH2CH2OH) has been studied in a series of experiments at the European Photochemical Reactor, EUPHORE, in Valencia (Spain). The results show that the branching in the OH initiated H-abstraction reaction with NH2CH2CH2OH is: <10 % from -NH2, >80 % from –CH2–, and <10 % from –CH2OH. The major products in the photo-oxidation are formamide, NH2CHO, and formaldehyde, CH2O. Amino acetaldehyde, NH2CH2CHO, and/or 2-imino ethanol, HN=CHCH2OH, and 2-oxo acetamide, NH2C(O)CHO are formed as minor products. 2-(Nitroamino) ethanol,O2NNHCH2CH2OH, has been unambiguouslyidentified as a minor product in the MEA photo-oxidation. It is estimated that less than 3 ‰ of MEA emitted to the atmosphere will end up as the possibly carcinogenic nitramine in rural regions.