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HENVINET. Report on raising public participation and awareness and report from final project meeting.

Hazel, P. van den, Liu, H.-Y.; Bartonova, A.; Grossberndt, S. (eds.) .

Publication details

Series: NILU OR 44/2010

Publisher: NILU

Year: 2010

ISBN: 978-82-425-2249-8

File: OR 44/2010 (pdf, 25.05 MB)

Summary: The aim of this report is to describe the ways to raise public participation and awareness of environmental health issues. It includes: (1) science-policy communications and stakeholder engagement; (2) network portal; (3) knowledge evaluation on hot topics within environmental health fields; and (4) decision support tools for practitioners. In addition, this report summarizes the main outcome from the HENVINET final conference. It includes: (1) complexity in environment and health; (2) tools for practice; (3) communication strategies; and (4) exchange of knowledge and results with related projects and research initiatives.