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Overview of the synoptic and pollution situation over Europe during the EUCAARI-LONGREX field campaign.

Hamburger, T.; McMeeking, G.; Minikin, A.; Birmili, W.; Dall'Osto, M.; O'Dowd, C.; Flentje, H.; Henzing, B.; Junninen, H.; Kristensson, A.; de Leeuw, G.; Stohl, A.; Burkhart, J.F.; Coe, H.; Krejci, R.; Petzold, A.

Publication details

Journal: Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 11, 1065–1082, 2011

DOI: 10.5194/acp-11-1065-2011

Link: http://www.atmos-chem-phys.net/11/1065/2011/acp-11-1065-2011.html