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Minimal analytical characterization of engineered nanomaterials needed for hazard assessment in biological matrices.

Bouwmeester, H.; Lynch, I.; Marvin, H.J.P.; Dawson, K.A.; Berges, M.; Braguer, D.; Byrne, H.J.; Casey, A.; Chambers, G.; Clift, M.J.D.; Elia, G.; Fernandes, T.F.; Fjellsbø, L.B.; Hatto, P.; Juillerat, L.; Klein, C.; Kreyling, W.G.; Nickel, C.; Riediker, M.; Stone, V.

Publication details

Journal: Nanotoxicology, 5, 1–11, 2011

DOI: 10.3109/17435391003775266