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In situ observations of new particle formation in the tropical upper troposphere: the role of clouds and the nucleation mechanism.

Weigel, R.; Borrmann, S.; Kazil, J.; Minikin, A.; Stohl, A.; Wilson, J. C.; Reeves, J. M.; Kunkel, D.; de Reus, M.; Frey, W.; Lovejoy, E. R.; Volk, C. M.; Viciani, S.; D'Amato, F.; Schiller, C.; Peter, T.; Schlager, H.; Cairo, F.; Law, K. S.; Shur, G. N.; Belyaev, G. V.; Curtius, J.

Publication details

Journal: Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 11, 9983–10010, 2011

DOI: 10.5194/acp-11-9983-2011