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New perspectives of gravity wave remote sensing through ESA’s candidate mission PREMIER.

Preusse, P.; Hoffmann, L.; Lehmann, C.; Alexander, M.J.; Broutman, D.; Chun, H.Y.; Dudhia, A.; Hertzog, A.; Hoepfner, M.; Kim, Y.H.; Lahoz, W.; Ma, J.; Pulido, M.; Riese, M.; Sembhi, H.; Wuest, S.; Alishahi, V.; Bittner, M.; Ern, M.; McConnel, J.C.; Sofieva, V.

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Book: ATMOS 2012 - Advances in Atmospheric Science and Applications. Bruges, Belgium, 18-22 June 2012. Abstract book., 78–79, 2012