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Atmospheric Degradation of Amines (ADA). Summary report from atmospheric chemistry studies of amines, nitrosamines, nitramines and amines. CLIMIT project no. 208122.

Nielsen, C.J.; D'Anna, B.; Bossi, R.; Bunkan, A.J.C.; Dithmer, L.; Glasius, M.; Hallquist, M.; Hansen, A.M.K.; Lutz, A.; Salo, K.; Maguta, M.M.; Nguyen, Q.; Mikoviny, T.; Müller, M.,Skov, H.; Sarrasin, E.; Stenstrøm, Y.; Tang, Y.; Westerlund, J.; Wisthaler, A.

Publication details

Publisher: Universitetet i Oslo

Year: 2012

ISBN: 978-82-992954-7-5

Link: http://urn.nb.no/URN:NBN:no-30510