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Towards operational satellite based atmospheric monitoring in Norway SatMoNAir.

Stebel, K.; Vik, A.F.; Myhre, C.L.; Fjæraa, A.M.; Svendby, T.; Schneider, P.

Publication details

Series: NILU OR 46/2013

Publisher: NILU

Year: 2013

ISBN: 978-82-425-2617-5

File: NILU OR 46/2013 (pdf)

Summary: The SatMoNAir project [NSC contract nr. JOP.12.12.2] builds on a previous NRS 'følgemiddel'-project, called `Roadmap towards EarthCARE and Sentinel 5 precursor', within which NILU and met.no developed a strategy for how best to prepare themselves for future European satellite missions for measuring atmospheric composition, with respect to their national monitoring, weather predictions and research tasks. Three specific topics were considered particularly relevant: a. Aerosols ¿Climate effects in Scandinavia and polar regions: analysis of episodes with high aerosol loads for Klif reporting, b. the Use of satellite based ozone measurements in national reporting, and c. Satellite based Air Quality monitoring of remote areas for EMEP reporting. Results from the work performed are described in this report. The outcomes of the project have been utilized in support of the National monitoring of greenhouse gases and aerosols (see Myhre et al., 2012), the atmospheric ozone layer (see Svendby et al., 2012), and have been reported to EMEP.