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MyAir information services for regional and local air quality monitoring and forecasting.

Erbertseder, T.; Balis, D.; Berger, U.; Bergemann, C.; Blyth, L.; Carruthers, D.; Choudrie, S.; De Rudder, A.; Di Nicolantonio, W.; Elbern, H.; Eskes, H.; Friese, E.; Ganev, K.; Holzer-Popp, T.; Kukkonen, J.; Lesne, O.; Melas, D.; Meyer-Arnek, J.; Prata, F.; Sicard, P.; Smeets, N.; Sofiev, M.; Stidworthy, A.; Timmermans, R.; Veldeman, N.; Zelle, H.; the PASODOBLE consortium.

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Presented at COST Action TD1105 EuNetAir WG1-WG4 meeting on New Sensing Technologies and Methods for Air Pollution Monitoring, Copenhagen, 3-4 October 2013.