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Synthesis of CCN data from the ACTRIS network and complementary observation sites.

Schmale, J.; Henzing, J.S.; Kos, G.P.A.; Schlag, P.; Holzinger, R.; Aalto, P.P.; Keskinen, H.; Paramonov, M.; Stratmann, F.; Henning, S.; Poulain, L.; Sellegri, K.; Ovadnevaite, J.; Krüger, M.; Carbone, S.; Brito, J.; Jefferson, A.; Whitehead, J.; Carslaw, K.; Fröhlich, R.; Herrmann, E.; Hammer, E.; Gysel, M.; Baltensperger, U.; the CCN Team (including Aas, W.; Fiebig, M.).

Publication details

Poster presented at AGU fall meeting 2015, San Francisco, 14 - 18 December, 2015.