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Johan Castberg oil field – Assessment of emissions to air.

Berglen, T.F.; Tønnesen, D.; Solberg, S.

Publication details

Series: NILU OR 25/2014

Publisher: NILU

Year: 2014

ISBN: 978-82-425-2706-6

File: NILU OR 25/2014 (pdf)

Summary: The environmental impact of future emissions from activities at the Johan Castberg oil field has been investigated. Concerning emissions of CO2, CH4 og NMVOC the total emissions rank Johan Castberg as a medium size field in Norway. For NOx and SOx, the environmental impact from deposition is considered to be small. Concerning formation of ozone from NOx emissions the model estimates give an increase of N120 (number of days with 8-hrs running mean value higher than 120 µg/m3 ), up from 10 to 11. Emissions of Black Carbon is also estimated, and the climate impact is considered to be small.