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CITI-SENSE. Final report on methodology. Deliverable 6.4, Work Package 6.

Fredriksen, M.; Bartonova, A.; Kruzevic, Z.; Kobernus, M.; Liu, H.-Y.; Santiago, L.; Schneider, P.; Tamilin, A.

Publication details

Series: NILU report 29/2016

Publisher: NILU

Year: 2016

File: NILU report 29/2016 (pdf)

Summary: This document is a technical description of the CITI-SENSE main products described in the CITI-SENSE portfolio of products. These products were developed, extended or adjusted in the CITI-SENSE project to fulfil and maintain the overall chain «sensor-platform-products-user» with primary focus on the interface and link between the products and the end users. Products are described from a developer¿s view and include information about the case studies and their requirements, technical description of architecture, code structures and database and storage platforms. Information about current status as of June 30 2016, with suggested improvements and lessons learned during the project process, are included for each product.