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Intercomparison and operational evaluation of the deposition of nitrogen and sulphur in Europe estimated by the air quality models participating in the AQMEII and EURODELTA projects.

Theobald, M. R.; Vivanco, M. G.; Aas, W.; Adani, M.; Alyuz, U.; Andersson, C.; Balzarini, A.; Baró, R.; Bellasio, R.; Bessagnet, B.; Bianconi, R.; Bieser, J.; Brandt, J.; Briganti, G.; Cappelletti, A.; Christensen, J. H.; Ciarelli, G.; Colette, A.; Couvidat, F.; Curci, G.; Cuvelier, K.; D'Isidoro, M.; Flemming, J.; Fraser, A.; Galmarini, S.; García-Gómez, H.; Geels, C.; Hansen, K. M.; Im, U.; Jiménez-Guerrero, P.; Kitwiroon, N.; Manders, A.; Mircea, M.; Pay, M.-T.; Pirovano, G.; Pozzoli, L.; Prank, M.; Raffort, V.; Roustan, Y.; Solazzo, E.; Tsyro, S.; Tuccella, P.; Unal, A.; Wind, P.

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Lecture presented at the 4th International Conference on Atmospheric Sciences and Application to Air Quality, Strasbourg, France, 29-31 May 2017