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Screening programme 2016 – Selected compounds with relevance for EU regulation.

Schlabach, M.; van Bavel, B.; Baz Lomba, J. A.; Borgen, A.; Fjeld, E.; Halse, A.-K.; Nikiforov, V.; Bohlin- Nizzetto, P.; Reid, M.; Rostkowski, P.; Vogelsang, C.

Publication details

Series: NILU report 34/2017

Publisher: NILU

Year: 2017

ISBN: 978-82-425-2909-1

File: NILU report 34/2017 (pdf)

Summary: This report summarizes the findings of a screening study into the occurrence of selected solvents, siloxanes, flame retardants, bisphenols and other PBT compounds in effluents, sewage sludge, surface water, sediments, house dust, indoor air and biota.