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Survey of air quality in Norway. NILU OR

Hagen, L. O.


Feltstasjoner for atmosfærisk korrosjon. 3 mndrs eksponering. Elektrisitetsforsyningens Forskningsinstitutt. Teknisk rapport, 2578

Engen, O.H.; Haagenrud, S.E.; Anda, O.


Sources and significance of natural and man-made aerosols in the Arctic. Report of a workshop supported and organised by the U.S. Office of Naval Resarch and the Norwegian Institute for Air Research, Lillestrøm, 27-28 April 1977. [First International Symposium on Arctic Air Chemistry]. NILU TR

Ottar, B. (eds.)

Report of a workshop meeting concerned with planning of a research programme to investigate the extent and significance of ingressing natural and man-made aerosols to the Arctic. With summaries of presentations.


Photochemical oxidants in North-Western Europe 1976-79. A pilot project. NILU OR

Schjoldager, J.; Dovland, H.; Grennfelt, P.; Saltbones, J.


Ozone measurements in Telemark, Oslofjorden and Oslo, during the summer of 1980. NILU OR

Schjoldager, J.; Dreiem, R.; Gundersen, G.; Stige, L.; Tveita, B.


Measurement of ozone in southern Norway 1981-1983. NILU OR

Schjoldager, J.; Dreiem, R.; Wathne, B M.; Johannessen, T.; Stige, L.; Tveita, B.


Emission data from the Bergen area 1983-1985. NILU OR

Hoem, K.; Gram, F.; Larssen, S.


Ambient measurements of ozone and PAN, southern Norway, 1984-1985 NILU OR

Schjoldager, J.; Dreiem, R.; Krognes, T.; Johannessen, T.; Stige, L.; Tveita, B.


User's guide for the Gaussian type dispersion models CONCX and CONDEP. NILU TR

Bøhler, T.

This report consists of a user's guide for the gaussian programs CONCX and CONDEP, which calculates short term and long term ground level concentrations, respectively, due to emission from one or more sources. The report contains a theoretical description of the theory included in the models, in addition to description of how to run the models.


Measurements of photochemical oxidants (ozon and PAN) in Norway 1986. NILU OR

Hoem, K.; Dreiem, R.; Krognes, T.; Schjoldager, J.; Stige, L.; Tveita, B.


Instrumentation of the new research station for atmospheric chemistry on the top of Zeppelin-mountain in Ny-Ålesund. NILU OR

Braathen, G.O.; Hov, Ø.

A description of the instrumentation at the new baseline station on Zeppelin-mountain in Ny Ålesund, Svalbard, is given. Permanent measurements are planned of ozone in the troposphere and stratosphere, and surface measurements of NOx, VOC, halogenated hydrocarbons, climate gases like CO2, CH4, N2O, and SO2, sulphate and other aerosols.


Ozone measurement in Norway 1987. NILU OR

Hoem, K.; Dreiem, R.; Schjoldager, J.; Stige, L.; Tveita, B.


Air quality in the border areas of Norway and USSR (1990-91). NILU OR

Sivertsen, B.; Hagen, L.O.; Hellevik, O.; Henriksen, J.F.


Monitoring of the ozonelayer. Annual report 1990. NILU OR

Dahlback, A.; Braathen, G O.; Stordal, F.


Monitoring of the Ozonlayer. Annual Report 1991. NILU OR

Dahlback, A.; Braathen, G O.; Kåstad, B A.; Stordal, F.


Monitoring of the Ozone Layer: A Norwegian and Global Perspective. NILU OR

Stordal, F.; Braathen, G O.; Dahlback, A.