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Materials and cultural heritage

NILU has developed techniques and strategies for assessing indoor climate in various types of museums, archives, libraries and historical buildings, through several EU-funded and other research projects.

Based on this, our scientists can offer expertise in assessment of indoor environment in exhibitions, warehouses and archives, as well as for monitoring objects in transit. To assess the degradation mechanisms for different types of materials, we also offer accelerated tests in climate cabinets. In such tests, we can vary the amounts and types of contamination, as well as the climate parameters.

NILU also conducts measurements and measurement programmes to predict or quantify atmospheric corrosion and soiling of materials. This is done by field exposures of the relevant materials, and possible simultaneous measuring of contaminants and climate parameters that can explain the degree of degradation/soiling. For some metals, which can be used as general indicators, the atmospheric corrosivity can be determined according to corrosion classes from ISO standards.

NILU also assesses the potential for measured atmospheric corrosivity to threaten sensitive cultural monuments, according to guidelines developed in European projects.