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Norwegian-Polish collaboration on atmospheric deposition

Foto: Are Bäcklund, NILU

This week, NILU welcomed the partners from the Polish GIOS, Chief Inspectorate of Environmental Protection, to Kjeller.

Over the course of three days, NILU researchers from several departments have shared insights and experiences that contribute to the ongoing collaborative project “Strengthening of atmospheric deposition assessment in Poland based on Norwegian experience”.

Of particular interest to the Polish partners was how NILU carries out monitoring and assessment of the deposition of air pollution in Norway and Europe. In addition, a comprehensive tour of NILU’s chemical laboratories as well as an exclusive visit to the Birkenes Observatory in Agder were included in the program (see picture above).

The first day of the visit began with a presentation of NILU by Deputy CEO Ole-Anders Braathen. Among other things, the EBAS database was highlighted as a valuable international resource that is openly accessible to all.

Furthermore, project manager Barbara Toczko (pictured below) gave a summary of the activities in the project:

  1. Developing the concept of revision and optimization of deposition measurements in Poland (NILU lead: Wenche Aas, ATMOS)
  2. Developing the concept of launching the quality assurance / quality control (QA/QC) system for deposition measure (NILU lead: Helene Lunder Halvorsen, MILK)
  3. Developing the guidance document on assessment of atmospheric deposition, including a proposal of the most suitable deposition modeling technique (NILU lead: Joana Soares, IMPACT)
  4. Visualisation and making available of atmospheric deposition data via the web site “Air Quality” CIEP (NILU lead: Rune Åvar Ødegaard, DIGITAL)
  5. Procurement of deposition measurement instruments
  6. Project management and promotion activities (see https://mfeog.gios.gov.pl/index.php/en/)

We look forward to continuing the collaboration!