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ACTRIS-Norway after one year of work

The second ACTRIS-Norway annual meeting was held at Norsk Folkemuseum on Bygdøy in Oslo on 18 September. 

The aim of the day was to learn from relevant ongoing scientific work at the institutes and collaborate hands-on. In addition, we received feedback on the new data base systems and virtual research environment in progress.

We learned a lot and had a very nice day together. The scientific presentations and topics were very interesting, and covered:

  • The impact of the 2022 heat wave on ozone and aerosol pollution in Europe
  • Global aerosol trends and the evaluation of trends and properties of aerosols and clouds
  • What ice core records can tell us about black carbon emissions over the last century
  • Hydrogen as an energy source, climate solution and indirect climate forcer and link to atmospheric chemistry
  • Sources and distribution of atmospheric microplastics in the Norwegian and Arctic territory

After lunch, we had a promising demonstration of the new ACTRIS data portal in progress. This is a very important milestone for us, seeing as the portal will be launched spring 2024.

We also worked on higher level data products under development for the Norwegian and international research community. After splitting into groups, we worked hands-on with Jupyter notebook and the ACTRIS virtual research environment (VRE) in progress. Finally, we discussed feedback on organization, planned our next physical meeting and excursion to Birkenes (our newest ACTRIS National Facility), before dinner at Lille Herbern in rain, wind, thunder and lightning.

The second ACTRIS-Norway annual meeting was held on 18 September 2023.