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Method development for estimating emissions from construction sites (MD EmSite)

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Project details

Status: Concluded

Project period: 2020–2021

Principal: Norwegian Environment Agency

Coordinating institution: NILU

The overall aim of our study is to develop a concept model to estimate emissions (the following components are included:  CO2, BC, CH4, NH3, NMVOC, PM10, PM2.5 and NOx) from construction activity based on bottom-up principles.

Such a model will allow for estimates of emissions at different levels, i.e., from the individual construction site to municipality and up to national level.

To our knowledge, there is no existing modelling approach that provides this information nor any prior assessment of comprehensive basis for its development. The most critical aspect for designing such an approach is the availability of reliable input data that allows defining the activity that generates emissions and their spatial and temporal distribution.

In the first phase of the project, the aim is to map the available input data, evaluate them and set up the basis for a potential bottom-up emission model for NRMM in building and construction. The second phase is to develop a model that provides high resolution emissions from construction activity in Norway.

Updated: 17.09.2021

Method development for estimating emissions from construction sites has 3 publications at NILU: