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Identification of chemical and biological determinants, their sources, and strategies to promote healthier homes in Europe (INQUIRE)

Project details

Website: https://inquire-he.eu/

Status: Ongoing

Project period: 2022–2027

Principal: EU – Horizon Europe (EC/HEU)

Coordinating institution: NILU

Collaborators: Aeris, Health board Terviseamet, Institute of science and innovation in mechanical and industrial engineering, Istituto Superiore di Sanita, Karlstad university, Karolinska institutet, Masaryk university, Queensland university of technology, Stockholm university, Tartu University, The Jozef Stefan Institute, Umeå University, University of Antwerpen, University of Birmingham, University of Cambridge, University of Helsinki, University of Queensland, VITO, Vrije University, Amsterdam

Enabling homes to realise zero pollution holds multiple health benefits for all Europeans – especially our children. This is the goal of the EU-funded INQUIRE project.

It will provide the knowledge, tools and measures needed to significantly enhance indoor air quality. Research on hazardous determinants and their sources, risk factors and effects will focus in particular on infants and young children up to 5 years old.

The work will include non-invasive sampling and monitoring of over 200 homes in eight countries over the course of 1 month. Results will inform evidence-based recommendations and support beneficial exploitation by industry and policymakers.

DOI 10.3030/101057499


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Updated: 10.08.2023