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Modelling of the deterioration and conservation costs of polychrome painted wood in two Norwegian medieval stone churches

Grøntoft, Terje

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Journal: Journal of Cultural Heritage, vol. 63, 148–157, 2023

Doi: doi.org/10.1016/j.culher.2023.07.020

EnvCul (https://envcul.nilu.no/) modelling was performed of condition changes of painted wooden panels and related conservation cost in indoor climate and object response scenarios in two Norwegian Medieval stone churches: Kinn (mean relative humidity = 79%) on the humid west coast, and Ringsaker (mean RH = 49%) in the drier eastern part of the country. It was found that, hypothetical, building measures in Kinn, and conservation heating measures in Ringsaker, to approach an indoor RH of about 65% in the two churches, could probably increase conservation intervals with 20–100%, and correspondingly reduce conservation costs between 10% and 50%. This is in reasonable agreement with an available report of observed conservation requirements in differently heated Norwegian churches. A situation between a linear and accelerating development of the deterioration of the painted wood on approaching a new conservation intervention gave the best correspondence to the observed values. The large modelling uncertainty was mainly due to lacking observations of the deterioration development, but also lacking understanding of the complex mechanisms and phases of the environmental dose-deterioration response of painting conservation treatments.