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Review of Interpreting Gaseous Pollution Data Regarding Heritage Objects

Thickett, David; Grøntoft, Terje

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Journal: Heritage — Open Access Journal of Knowledge, Conservation and Management of Cultural and Natural Heritage, vol. 6, 6917–6930, 2023

Doi: doi.org/10.3390/heritage6100361

Pollutant gases pose a significant risk to some cultural heritage objects, and surveys have shown that the professionals involved consider themselves to lack knowledge to fully assess risk. Three approaches towards risk assessment, research results, standards and damage functions have been considered. An assessment tool has been developed, collating over 4000 research reports into a scheme for the impact on 22 materials of acetic and formic acids, nitrogen dioxide, ozone and reduced sulphur gases. The application of doses or concentrations has been considered, the impact of measurement time compared to annual exposure investigated and a simple tool derived.