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Assessment of emissions/ discharges of mercury reaching the Arctic environment.

Pacyna, J.M.; Pacyna, E.

Publication details

Series: NILU OR 07/2000

Publisher: NILU

Year: 2000

ISBN: 82-425-1154-3

File: NILU OR 7/2000 (pdf)

Summary: Our knowledge of mercury fluxes on a global scale is still incomplete. The above presented estimates for Europe and North America seem to contribute less about 25 % to the global anthropogenic emissions of the element to the atmosphere. The majority of the remaining emissions originate from combustion of fossil fuels, particularly in the Asian countries including China, India, and South and North Korea. Even less and very controversial information is available on emissions of mercury from natural sources, including volatilization of the element from terrestrial and aquatic surfaces. In general, it is assumed that natural emissions of the element are about 3000 t/year, thus contributing more 60 % to the total global emissions of mercury. However, much work needs to be done in order to verify the above estimate.